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Yetis live high in the mountains above the clouds hidden away from sight. Migo is a Yeti who lives among his people and follows the ancient stones held by the Stonekeeper who leads the village. Migo’s father, Dorgle wakes up every morning to ring the gong with his head so that the “Sun” can pass over the sky. While learning how to ring the gong, Migo gets distracted by the Stonekeeper’s daughter, Meechee (whom Migo has a crush on since they were kids) and flies right out of the village. He witnesses a plane crash, and finds a “smallfoot”, whom the Yetis have taken for being legends. Migo runs to tell the villagers what he saw, but has no proof and is labelled as a liar by the Stonekeeper, who banishes him from the village. Migo is suddenly visited by Gwangi, Kolka, and Flem who bring him to the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society (S.E.S.) which is lead by Meechee as she feels that her father does not listen to her. She convinces Migo to go along with their plan of going below the clouds, despite the stones telling them that there is nothing underneath. After some hesitation, Migo agrees to go, but the rope he is tied to snaps and he falls through the clouds where he discovers land underneath.

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